DJ sum1ZOMBIE is Northern New Mexico’s hottest new DJ! He has made a name for himself as a heavy-hitting, up and coming new talent; most notably within the genres of electronic-dance and house music. DJ sum1ZOMBIE discovered his love of music as a child in Silver City, New Mexico. In his home music was valued, its attributes promoted along with all it offers. Both DJ sum1ZOMBIE’s Stepfather and Brother were professional musicians; inspired by these men, Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE was filled with the desire to one day create music of his own. DJ sum1ZOMBIE’s first job in the music industry was during his childhood as a roadie for his Stepfather’s band. The responsibilities of this position included setting up and tearing down for the band’s shows as well as general maintenance of the Band’s equipment. This job not only allowed Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE to be surrounded by the music he loved, but also instilled a sense of responsibility, reliability and integrity at a young age. Today, Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE continues to utilize those same attributes in his business practices as well as in his everyday life. Due in part to those early lessons, today he is able to balance the responsibilities of his everyday job as a Security Police Officer for the Los Alamos National Laboratory with his passion for DJ-ing as well as his family life, which primarily includes his fiancé and three beautiful children. DJ sum1ZOMBIE’s childhood dreams of creating music became reality in August of 2012. Through his hard work, dedication and undying passion, Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE has managed to become a sought after DJ who is completely self-taught. He regularly expands and updates his DJ-ing abilities by acquiring and mastering the industry’s newest emerging technologies. DJ sum1ZOMBIE regularly updates his playlists to offer his clients the newest and best music selection available. From the inception of his DJ-ing career as a mobile DJ in Espanola and Santa Fe for private parties, through his more recent engagements, which include, opening for and sharing a stage with, Monster Energy’s popular DJ, Stephanie Loayza, for an elite Northern New Mexico Dia de los Muertos celebration, DJ sum1ZOMBIE is working on creating his own original mixes. Such mixes have included electronic dance, bass-heavy remixes of club/hip-hop favorites and funky house. DJ sum1ZOMBIE has the ability to smoothly and seamlessly mix the music of various genres and styles as desired by his audience. Whereas Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE continues to enjoy performing at certain special public engagements, he is currently focusing his career on rocking the dance floors of more intimate affairs, such as, Graduation Parties, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah Parties and Wedding Receptions. When performing at these intimate events, DJ sum1ZOMBIE is able to see and feel how powerful his music is and how it effects his audience. Witnessing his music’s positive effects on others always takes DJ sum1ZOMBIE back to his childhood when he first discovered his love of music. Perhaps this is why Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE finds his greatest satisfaction when DJ-ing and performing at events geared towards our community’s youth. He has performed for various proms, homecomings and other youth dances, both through schools and independently. DJ sum1ZOMBIE is dedicated to being a positive role model for our youth as well as helping our youth through the positivity of music. He is dedicated to the objective of DEFIANT SOUNDZ UNLIMITED to provide, Innovative Music for the Youth of Today! Northern New Mexico DJ sum1ZOMBIE will help make your event a memory you will cherish for years to come. In addition to his experience and abilities, he is professional, reliable and always on time! He consistently delivers the excellent customer service our clients have come to expect.

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