santa fe wedding dj Paul Huerta

Why Hire a Wedding DJ?

When it comes to your wedding, whether it is in the greater Santa Fe or Taos areas, Defiant Soundz Unlimited, LLC is the perfect choice for your reception entertainment. Using us as your Santa Fe or Taos area wedding DJ for example brings all of your favorite music which provides hours of entertainment in a lively, fun show that will entertain guests both young and the young at heart.

Defiant Soundz Unlimited provides a professional DJ and also provides more than just music as we provide a complete source of entertainment that has entertained couples and wedding guests for many years. Less expensive and more versatile than a live band, hiring us as your DJ can make your reception an event that will greatly add to the memories of your wedding.

What to Look for in a Wedding DJ

Before you hire us as your wedding DJ, there are a few questions that you will need answered first so that you can get the best setup for your needs. Naturally, you’ll want to use us as your wedding DJ. We are qualified, but there is more to creating the perfect setting for your needs.

Premium Equipment: You don’t need to worry about the brand or amperage of our sound system. However, we will need to know if what we have can fill the room that your reception is being held. We will always have the music you want to play and if you need an extra mic for additional announcements, toasts or speeches from your guests, just let us know.

Solid Experience: If you want a professional DJ with a solid history of performing at wedding receptions, Defiant Soundz Unlimited, LLC is the solution. We have been DJ’ing for ten years and we specialize in weddings and perform at many weddings each year.

Style: Defiant Soundz Unlimited is your Taos, Santa Fe wedding DJ. We can pump up the crowd through encouragements or we will make the right selection of songs to get people to the dance floor. It’s your wedding reception and it should be perfect! If you want to ask us any questions along the lines of music style please contact us so that we can choose the right music for your reception.

Why You Should Choose Defiant Soundz Unlimited as your Professional Wedding DJ

If you are looking for a Santa Fe wedding DJ or perhaps a Taos Wedding DJ, then you should choose us. We are professionals with years of experience in creating the right mood for all types of wedding receptions. We work with you in the planning and execution of the entertainment so that your reception goes the way you want.

Your Defiant Soundz Unlimited Dj’s can act as hosts, running the reception as an emcee and play your favorite songs. Our experience means that you can work with us to plan your event and ensure that everything goes smoothly. In fact, our DJ’s may offer suggestions that will provide ideas that you may not have considered before which can add to the enjoyment of everyone there.

When you consider the low price, entertainment value and pure fun that is brought to your wedding reception, hiring Defiant Soundz Unlimited as you professional mobile DJ service, is the right choice for you and your guests.